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Season 1 recap

Hi folks!

I'm new here as I'm seeking guidance:

I've watched the show 2 times so far, and I was lucky to find out, that friends of mine, who are into scifi, did not see it yet. So we started watching it together, but then some chinese people decided to give non-fish-Sushi a go and so we had to stop watching the show together. Now, as it slowly starts to get back to normal again, I hope we can finish the show.

Before we had to stop, we made it through season 1, but I recon, that by now, everybody did forget about most things that happend, so I thought: why not make a recap of about 1h with the most important scenes, so everyone is primed for season 2.

But I soon found, that this task overwhelmed me completely. There is so much to consider, even though I think of B5 as a flawed masterpiece, I don't know it by heart. That's why I'm coming to you:

How would you go on about such a thing?
Would you group the scenes by character? by plotpoint? chronologicaly? What scenes would you include?

At the moment I tend to make it chronologically: that would mean rewatching the first season and take about 5 minutes from each episode and focus only on those things one needs to follow the main story arc. So I could skip TKO for example. Sure Ivanova gets character development, but there is nothing in there one really should know for later on like:
Soulhunter: establish that souls are a thing in the B5 universe (needed for the Valen story arc)
Infection: establish, that there is tech, that can meld with people and use their brains as "CPU" (needed of course for the shadows.)

(I happen to know these two by heard, as I find them to be one of the lesser episodes in season 1, but I do understand that they serve a purpose, as stated above.)

But I'm torn. Creating "signs and" is demanding enough, but having to take it all in within about an hour, maybe one and a half, is a lot.
So maybe it's better to group it by major players? like

The Humans: main players, typical scenes, major plotpoints...
The Minbari: Main players, typical scenes, major plotpoints...

and so on.

But with this approach I guess I'm gonna run into troubles as everything get's more and more connected. But maybe I can get away with it in season 1.

I don't know.

What do you think about this endeavour?
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