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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

There's something that bugs me about this discussion and about B5 fandom in general. B5historyman has put a huge amount of work in over the years, it's genuinely fascinating to study the timeline – but, I do subscribe to the 'death of the author' theory, that once a work is out in the wild people can interpret that work how they choose, and the author cannot tell them how they should interpret something. That includes having personal timelines that work for them. The author can say what they had in mind when writing their story, the author can even embark on a bit of revisionist history as JMS seems to have done with the timeline, but the reader/viewer should not be beholden to it.

How often do we watch series or movies, or read novels and have different opinions about what really happened? Those opinions are what drive discussion of the story and help develop deeper meanings. To take that away by telling someone they have to see the story a certain way seems to me to be doing the story a disservice.
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