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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
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It does have Joe Straczynski's authority, wasn't aware there was anyone else's needed.
JMS has approved other orders too though. For instance this one on Lurker's Guide has a different order for Season One and Two which supposedly also has his blessing. So which one is the correct one? Is there even actually a correct order? Crusade is pretty good proof that it's very hard to come up with one.

You are asking me to go back through copious notes just to satisfy you. With all due respect, it's not going to happen anytime soon, I have more important things to worry about in my life right now, my mother is recovering from major cancer surgery and having chemotherapy, my mother in law's health is rapidly failing and my wife is going through the menopause as well to cope with. On top of that my day job as an analyst has exploded recently and I am bogged down with work, so when I go home at night I am also tired mentally.
Well I'm sorry to hear that you have real life problems, and I agree they are more important, but as KoshFan pointed out you could have just said that you were busy with real life.

1. From the material I received from Joe, Mars independence was ratified on March 3rd 2262.

2. In DoTD there is a Universe Today headline "Narn Consulate opens on Mars amid controversy" Why would it be controversial if the events of DoTD are AFTER Mars independence? As an independent state they can have who the heck they like opening a Consulate. So what was the controversy? I reasoned it was opened while Mars was still under the joint control of EarthGov, during a transitional phase before independence. Instead of dealing with EarthGov, the Narn deal directly with the interim MarsGov.

3. Garibaldi blaming the telepaths. Where I placed DoTD, Byron and his telepaths were still very much on the station.
Fair enough. I can't say I agree with your reasoning (I've already pointed out why it's seems wrong for number 3), but at least I have an idea what it was now.
Yes Joe can change his mind, the episode guide on the Lurkers Guide as far as I am aware merely followed the broadcast order. As I preceded the introduction to the list I posted what Joe said on line about chronological ordering.

The fact that you don't agree with my reasoning comes as no surprise. What I came up with was used in-house at Babylonian. You asked, you got. Now as far as it goes for me I do not feel it's worth arguing the point anymore for the reasons I have already quoted.

You have a nice life and good luck with your two projects.
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