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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

With the impending arrival of B5 on Amazon Prime I have started watching the show in the "Approved Chronological Viewing Order". I just finished MIND WAR, 1.6, in this chronological order and I have to say I am really enjoying it so far. Maybe it is just because it is a new way to view it, but I like how some things have come together. I like having Bester introduced after AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS, 1.8. It really drives it home when Sinclair says he doesn't want people messing with his head. Plus I think it also makes you question if Knight One and Knight Two were connected to Psi Corps or Home Guard. Plus pushing MIND WAR, 1.6, two episodes further in gives us more time thinking G'Kar is a bad guy. His assistance to Catherine Sakai, even after she rejected it, is a real first step for the audience to see he isn't only about serving his own agenda.

Plus I feel like introducing Bester a little later gives a new twist. Having Bester introduced after the events of 1.4 INFECTION, 1.7 WAR PRAYER, and 1.8 AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS makes more sense to me. These episodes all present possible threats that could come from Earth and Bester, along with Psi Corps, end up being the greatest of those threats.

So I am really looking forward to more things fitting together in ways I haven't seen before.
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