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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I, too, am interested in the ordering of Season 1 -- placing "Signs and Portents" so late surprises the heck out of me.
Bearing in mind I did all the ground work over 20 years ago, I'll do my best.

Much of the dating from Season One was worked out on the dialogue and visual clues in the episodes. For example "And the Sky, Full of Stars" we get the information from Knight 2 about Sinclair being 39 born in May 2218. So this was placed before his birthday. Also Garibaldi was reading Universe Today that had an article about Shaal Mayan accorded honours so that puts it after "The War Prayer". "Soul Hunter" was dated from Franklin's framed order you see in "Interludes and Examinations" so that gave me a date for the "Soul Hunter" story. "Infection" I placed after that. There's a scene scripted in "And the Sky, Full of Stars" where Knight 2 makes Sinclair relive his confrontation with the Ikarran war machine, saying it was last month so that places that story in March and "And the Sky.." in April.

The placement of "Born to the Purple" comes from Garibaldi's comments in "Infection" about Security being arranged for next Tuesday for the Narn/Centauri negotiations (The Euphrates treaty) which Londo as we learned in Born to the Purple he had been ducking for a week, presumably because of Adira.

"A Voice in the Wilderness" was the last story where you see Delenn's quarters without the Chrysalis device, the table she builds it on is empty. "Babylon Squared" Joe confirmed that she got the Triluminary and the Chrysalis Device on her visit to the Grey Council Cruiser and brought it back to B5. She started building it so Legacies, Grail and Signs and Portents (which had an on air date) are ordered on the basis of what stage she was at building it.

Hope this gives you a little insight. As I said it's been over 20 years
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