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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Awesome work. Specifically for Season One, is there any chance of "sharing your working" a little?

Reason I ask, some things in the broadcast and "master list" episode orders for Season One bug me slightly (Delenn's triluminary-building really sticks out for me) so a few years back I tried to come up with a re-watch order which would suit me better.

I'd hoped if I scoured through each episode and picked out enough of the back-references, etc. there would be enough to construct a rock-solid order but (as I'm sure you're aware ) it was tougher than I thought...

I blew the dust off my notes and below are all the the 'clues' I collected - which were only enough to order about half the episodes - so I'd be interested to see if I missed anything!

- first appearances: obviously a character's first appearance must precede their subsequent appearances/mentions (Franklin, Ko'Dath, Na'Toth, Lennier, Sakai)
- Franklin mentions rumours of anti-alien hate groups in 'Infection', then those groups appear in 'The War Prayer'
- 'Survivors' and 'Legacies' both refer back to the Homeguard from 'The War Prayer'
- Zeta Wing first appear in 'Survivors', then appear in 'A Voice in the Wilderness' and 'Babylon Squared'
- the Raiders are defeated in 'Signs and Portents', so their appearance in 'Believers' must precede it
- in 'Signs and Portents' Sinclair refers to the events of 'And the Sky Full of Stars'
- Delenn receives the triluminary in 'Babylon Squared', then uses it in 'Legacies'
- Delenn has built more of the chrysalis device in 'Signs and Portents' than she had in 'Legacies'
- 'Legacies' refers back to 'Mind War' (Jason Ironheart)
- 'EYES' has lots of back-references to 'Mind War' (Bester), 'Survivors' (sabotage), 'By Any Means Necessary' (strike), 'Deathwalker', 'The War Prayer' (Shaal Mayan), 'Born to the Purple' (Garibaldi's offer of a drink to Ivanova)
- 'TKO' refers back to 'Born to the Purple' (Ivanova's father)

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