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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Cell View Post
I know all about that, but I don't buy it. The Talia as traitor was a retcon, that's the way it always came across to me. It wasn't a bad retcon mind you, but I do think JMS is being delusional by trying to claim that it was set up from the beginning, when by watching the series you can see it clearly wasn't. They were setting up for Talia to change, but not into another personality. All the mirrors and stuff like that was a nice way of setting up her eventual turn from the Corps and the life she knew to her new superpowered ways with the Vorlons. If JMS's explanation works for you that's cool, but to me it's an obvious retcon.
So JMS -- who was there, who wrote the dang thing -- says that he built it in early, and says that the mirrors were hinting at that all along. You, on the other hand, who did not write it... to you it "came across as a retcon." Therefore it was a retcon and the word of the show's creator is worthless -- indeed, he's delusional!

Hey, everyone, all this time we've been barking up the wrong tree. At last the final arbiter of truth in the B5 universe has arrived. JMS is nothing next to the almighty Cell! What new mysteries shall you reveal to us next, oh messiah?

Seriously, dude, if you go around acting as if you know better than the man who built B5, you're not gonna get much credence. (I have occasionally done exactly that -- and got very little respect for it.)
Know what you do.

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