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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Yep, an excellent ep, and IMO, the 3rd great ep in the series where I can't remember anything I didn't like in it (Midnight and Parliament were the first two).

Textbook B5 in that it's mostly "stand-alone" but we get so much that gives us a deeper look into the world of this story.

I'm a sucker for weirdness, and the VCR guy thing was great.
"You seek meaning"
"Then listen to the music, not the song"

J'Hadur is a wonderfully nasty piece of work. She has a bit of a Hannibal Lector thing going on, because she's evil and killed so many but is still around and catered to by legitimate forces of power because she has something they want.

We also learn that not all the Minbari are as unified and enlightened as Delenn makes them out to be.
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