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Re: EpDis: The River Of Souls

I certainly got a bit of an ambiguous lesbian vibe off Day of the Dead. I do love writing that leaves things like that vaguely undefined. I like not knowing for definite to what extent the two of them were close. As JMS is fond of quoting, "to define is to kill, to suggest is to create."

Conversely River of Souls just felt like 45 minutes of incessant expostitional definition, padded out into a 90 minute movie. I found Martin Sheen fairly insipid, but I'd agree McShane wasn't given enough to do. It's pretty much when he drops out of the story that I always start to doze.

I'm sorry, I sound like a such a bitch. It's only because the best of B5 sets such a high standard that sore thumbs like this one disappoint me so much.
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