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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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That was always a bit of a problem I had with Lochley, the nature of the character seems to have to be to detract from the competence of those around her. Obviously the main cast were always fallible but there seemed to be more of a balance were as a lot of her character seemed to be that she was simply better than those around her.
So far the only person I've felt she's detracted from is Garibaldi, but frankly she's right about him - Garibaldi should never have been given that job in the first place.

Regarding her arrival on the station, she can say all those things but she has to learn she's not on a ship anymore, just like Sheridan had to learn. Corwin knows she's underestimating the place, and we know she is.
The difference between her and Sheridan for me makes the problem all the more obvious. The show sold the idea that he was a bit na´ve and had to learn to be much flexible vastly more than they did for her.

The problem I spose is really that JMS had to drop her in quickly as an Ivanova replacement so we couldn't get as much of that kind of thing or as much depth added to her character generally compared to the rest of the cast. In the relative absence of that I think the character has to fall back onto mere competence.

I do wonder whether it might have been a better idea to have someone a bit more openly antagonistic to B5 as a replacement. They hint at it a little with Lochley but ultimately beyond not turning in the war she tends to be very much on side even if she has a different view of how things should be carried out. Perhaps take that further and have her as someone more forced on Sheridan by earthgov to try and look after there interests who gradually comes more onside.
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