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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer
Despite that, I said itís not a bad opener and there are good things worth highlighting. Tracy Scoggins puts in a strong performance as Lochley. Right from the beginning we see sheís not Ivanova; her arrival on the station reminds me a little of when Franklin arrives and is greeted by Ivanova in Soul Hunter. Franklin asks whether it is always this hectic and Ivanova replies that she likes it that way, whereas Lochley just sees disorder and a badly run station. Sheís her own character and distinct from Ivanova right from the start. Itís also kind of neat that the first character we see this season is Corwin, promising a larger role for him in season 5. But why hasnít he got a B5 uniform yet like Zack and Franklin?
That was always a bit of a problem I had with Lochley, the nature of the character seems to have to be to detract from the competence of those around her. Obviously the main cast were always fallible but there seemed to be more of a balance were as a lot of her character seemed to be that she was simply better than those around her.
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