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Re: EpDis: TKO

Ehh, TKO. I have never gone so far as to skip it, and I likely won't, just because I like to watch things in the proper order, but if I HAD to make a list of skippable episodes, I'm thinking this one would be at the top of the list. I don't find the A plot interesting enough to be an A plot. If it were a B plot alongside a very exciting A plot I might not have minded. Maybe. I'm just not that into boxing stories, or "disgraced fighter redeems himself" or whatever it is.

I can sort of appreciate some of the things they were trying to do here, like the lingo. Someone put a fair bit of effort into creating this slang that makes conversation between Garibaldi and Walker Smith almost difficult to understand. I can also kind of appreciate the general sentiment they were going for with the whole "humans need to butt out of this because they're butting into everything and we don't like it", but that is then sort of ruined by having a young Centauri enthusiastically nodding along to some unidentified alien who is expressing this sentiment. A Centauri! Because they're not busy trying to conquer everything in the known universe.

I'm also not really buying the sudden transformation of Walker Smith from some guy who casually throws out racial slurs to guy who respects alien traditions, but ehh, I guess I can deal.

As for the Ivanova plot .. it's alright. It makes me uncomfortable to watch everyone (ok, just the rabbi and Sinclair, but it feels like EVERYONE) butting into her life like that. I understand that they're doing it because they care about her and they can tell she's suppressing some things and she'd feel better if she expressed her grief but ... uncomfortable! I'd be way more pissed than she was if someone from my past came into my (very far from home) workplace and went behind my back to discuss my private life with my boss. That's not to say I think that's a bad storyline. It's exactly the kind of thing people do

I like the story Ivanova tells about going to the reading with her father. It's such a small thing, but it's great background stuff.

Also, I agree with Estelyn that Sinclair is great in this. He's showing so much compassion and caring with pretty much no words.
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