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Re: EpDis: Movements Of Fire And Shadow

This is a VERY exciting episode. Kind of depressing, but exciting, for sure. There is SO MUCH going on here. Unfortunately my DVD appears to be broken, so so it was kind of a jerky experience, and I had to skip bits here and there.

At least 7 Centauri are murdered on Babylon 5 in three days. That's a HUGE number of murders for a population of 250,000. This war just seems more vicious than other wars ... Not that earlier Narn/Centauri war wasn't vicious. But that's a LOT of murders.

Mainly, I feel terrible for Londo in this. And Regent Virini... and all the people on Centauri Prime, I suppose. I bet they all thought things would get better after Cartagia and the Shadows were gone.
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