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Re: Book of Boba (will contain spoilers upon airing)

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
I've read a lot of complaints on the web about how the show is progressing and some aspects such as the Mods biker gang. I'm still liking it, but I'm by no means super impressed with it. These last two episodes however have been fantastic. Sadly Boba wasn't even in the last one and only appeared briefly in this most recent one, and had no dialogue at that.

Personally, quite enjoying 'Book of Mando'

I must admit that CGI Luke just looked weird and wooden. They should just let the actor do it without the CGI face alterations, viewers can suspend disbelief. The actor looks a lot like Hamill anyway.

The Mod biker gang was the most George Lucas thing ever, and people moaning about it really need to stop and think about American Graffiti and the 50s diner in the prequels.

I also like the added depth to the sand people and enjoyed the mini arc with them and Boba. Some of the mid season episodes were dull and slow, and all of nothing happened.

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