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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

The Caligula like character has IMHO become rather Shakespearian to the degree that I think its more interesting to see it given a different placement/bent rather than looking on it as lacking originality.

Beyond the obvious Roman influence in the Centauri I believe JMS has said theres more than a little late British Empire. Perhaps you could say a bit of a "what if" there showing what we'd have needed to become to hang onto the Empire maybe doing a deal with the Shadows/Nazi's.

Generally I think its that aspect of the Centauri that makes them one of the best TV alien races, I wouldn't say we know vastly more about them than other races in terms of history/tech/physically/etc but what we do get is more of a window into the mindset of the entire race and not a simplistic Klingon = Warrior way.
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