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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
This is a very solid season opener. It has a somewhat different tone than the previous episodes. Everything looks darker still than season 3, especially those scenes in the imperial palace on Centauri Prime, and of course the bit at the end with Lorien.
I think this is really notable in the first couple of episodes of the season have a different tone to both the end of season 3 and what follows. As you say so many scenes are very darkly lit and the overall effect is I would say rather reflective of Sheridans position, a sense of things in the balance with mortality and hopelessly creeping from the darkness.

C̶a̶l̶i̶g̶u̶l̶a̶ Cartagia is fantastic. He's a glorious madman. What a great character. Completely mad, and fabulous. I've always really liked Virini, too. I used to use one of his lines from a later episode as a signature ("I think we are well beyond pastels now"). And of course, Londo's realization of what he's going to have to do to "fix" this, and his comment about his relationship with Vir "you are the closest thing I have to a friend". It's all excellent stuff.
It is interesting just how much of a lift he is of Caligula, or at least the Robert Graves I, Cladius version of him that most people know. Londo is somewhat playing the Cladius role thoughout the opening few episodes humouring him when he sees just how dangerous he is and Cartagia has just the same mix of grand insane ambition and cowardice. There are little things like walking the streets himself engaging in debauchery or the ultra loyalty of his bodyguards as well, You could view that as unoriginal I spose but I tend to be more impressed that JMS found a way to plug that character into his storyline.

Looking at Krimmers performance for me it rather highlights that dispite Babylon 5 being a signpost on the way of todays "Hollywood TV" I think JMS also brought a love for the kind of more pulpy larger than life styles of sci fi/fantasy. I think its notable that most of his cast weren't film actors "slumming it" they were TV actors generally giving the best performances of their careers.
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