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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

"settled" I suppose all jobs have their ups and downs ...

I just browsed the Babylon 5 Wikia and you are quite right. Mr. (who actually appears to be Dr. ) Morden has a very detailed background. He is indeed an archaeolinguist. Anna, on her page, is described as a "xeno-archaeologist", so I guess that answers my question about terminology. Wouldn't that make Morden a "xeno-archaeolinguist"?

I think this note at the bottom of the page (Morden) explains the Mr/Dr thing:

According to Jeanne Cavelos, J. Michael Straczynski had originally conceived Morden as "a low-level technician on the Icarus, who was jealous of Anna's education and success", though when she handed in her synopsis for "The Shadow Within", Straczynski "...never asked me to change Morden from the way I'd envisioned him."
I clearly have a lot of reading to do!

Dr. Kirkish doesn't appear to have any more background than what we see here in Messages From Earth. I don't think there's anything more about that Mars excavation she was working on. I'd love to learn more about the methods used for such a task, but I suppose that was never actually written Also, why is anyone touching anything with their bare hands int he middle of Martian winter?
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