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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

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As for the Narns, I don't know if it's ever mentioned when they turned on the telepaths that emerged in their population--but that would certainly be something the Shadows had interest in. Maybe they planted a meme that got it started--although suspicion of mind-readers is probably pretty natural anyway.
D'oh! Turns out that question was answered in "Ship of Tears", a few episodes later. Don't know how I missed that the first time. Although the nature of what happened, in G'Quon's words, was kind of cryptic. Were the "mindwalkers" killed "unto their children, and children's children" by the Shadows directly, or through other Narns (I got that latter impression somehow from an earlier episode)? I'll have to look back again and get the exact quote from the Book of G'Quon, but apparently what happened to them did happen during the last Shadow War.
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