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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
Were one or both of these footholds (on Narn and Human doorsteps) used for operations to manipulate these primitive races, or just for strategic position in the war itself?
I don't remember the episode, but I do remember G'Kar talking about how the Shadows had a base on one of the southern continents on Narn. He said, "They took little interest in us". That to me doesn't sound like the Shadows were manipulating the pre-spacefaring Narns. I can only assume the same was true for the Humans. It sounds as if those bases were just for strategic purposes of some kind.
I was thinking very covertly--like having Morden-like agents (natives of the planet they might abduct and "program") approach certain leaders of the day and do favors or otherwise influence them. We know the Drazi came up with their "green and purple" contest before they were spacefaring, and suspect it was a Shadow influence, so if we suspect this we're acknowledging they're not necessarily above leaving nonspacefaring primitives alone (and we know the Vorlons aren't either). To pre-scientific societies they could manufacture "supernatural" phenomena as means of manipulation of such peoples.

Only thing is, I can't think of particularly significant events that happened in Human society (at least Western) in the 1200s... but maybe there was a little thing or two that led to a big thing, and such would make a fascinating story. As for the Narns, I don't know if it's ever mentioned when they turned on the telepaths that emerged in their population--but that would certainly be something the Shadows had interest in. Maybe they planted a meme that got it started--although suspicion of mind-readers is probably pretty natural anyway.
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