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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I remember seeing this ep for the first time... the ominous Shadow music playing over the excavation on Mars... and I was thinking, "They were on Mars. They were that close."
Makes you wonder what they were up to, circa 1000 years ago and the last Shadow War, regarding the then-non-spacefaring humans. They seemed to have some kind of base there (and on Ganymede), just as they had a base on an isolated island of the Narn homeworld long before that race became spacefaring. Were one or both of these footholds (on Narn and Human doorsteps) used for operations to manipulate these primitive races, or just for strategic position in the war itself?

And as for why those ships were left behind (there may have not been bases and these vessels somehow crashed or were disabled and downed on these worlds, but it happening twice in the Sol System seems too coincidental--unless actual battles were taking place there), I would imagine it was to tempt humans with further technology (and their influence) once they were sufficiently advanced enough to find them, and follow them to Z'Ha'Dum. (And humans happened to be the first ones there to "wake them up"--I wonder if they had left ships for other races to find, and humans got there first.)

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