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I like the Londo/Urza plot (Londo and Vir singing opera at the beginning is class!) and the Sheridan subplot is fun, but a bit forgettable. Some nice special effects though, and Garibladi to the rescue. And Refa turns up too. Shame they couldn't have used Rance Howard to play Sheridan's dad, but I guess that was still in the future of the show. And in the episode order, this comes after In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum, but was initially written to have come before it. So when Sheridan has the vision of the Icarus exploding, it doesn't tie-in with the previous episode, when it was originally intended to remind audiences about Anna before In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum.

So yeah, for a stand alone episode I quite like it. Plus its the last Larry DiTillio penned episode. I'll give it somewhere between a C and B, but as I'm feeling generous I'll go for B.
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