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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Nah. For most practical purposes, soul could *be* personality. (Only when one ventures into religious discussion, does a possibility of perceiving the concepts with much difference arise.)

Still, I must make one reservation. One must probably admit... that personality is often (and perhaps heavily) influenced by having a body.

For creatures like us, whose cognitive process is entirely analog, and heavily influenced by whatever occurs with our body... a hypothetical "personality without body" might feel very strange... or very unconfortable indeed. Missing a body... might be "phantom limb syndrome" to the power of ten, and quite maddening.

This is my partial speculation... regarding why the alleged souls... don't like the hunter. Not only did the fellow grab sentient mindstates without consent... but he isn't providing them freedom to operate, or even decent emulator software.


As contrast with humanoids... a stored "soul" of an AI might not only feel decent without a body... but being a presumably flexible handler of information, it might easily revive itself (or if storage was imperfect, then preserved parts of itself).

Assuming for example a Soul Hunter being involved... an AI might employ a careless communication session to deliver part of itself outside a Soul Hunter's container, into an inhabitable computer system... and using that part, proceed to extract the rest of itself... into quite functional state.

(And speculating really far... a massively advanced AI placed into a difficult plight... might even get offensive, considering a Soul Hunter brain an inhabitable system... and craft some mental construct, some weaponized meme... to infect and exploit that system's resources for its own rescue.)

Then again, chances are that Soul Hunters don't capture any AI not willing to be captured... since that kind seems unlikely to die easily... and when they do, can be expected to either be directing their own retreat from existence... or go faster than a Soul Hunter can say "oops".
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