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Re: Episode Discussion (EpDis) Thread Index

Well, as that fades many people who haven't had a chance to see TLT yet.

I know it's frustrating, since I'm a Dr. Who fan. But they are probably just promoting more continuous talk so that seeing TLT a half year later won't mean you have a thread to read, but the "conversation" is really over by now.

So making it sticky to keep people aware of the thread might push more extended talk.

Most boards I go to use as few sticky threads as possible, and often just for general information. (You know, like the "if you are new here, read this thread first" ones.)

From those I've known if this isn't the strategy, usually they go to the other extreme, and suddenly anything that caught anyone's fancy once is sticky, and none of the stand out anymore. is, I think, doing a very good job at finding an approach that is somewhere in the middle. Sticky the Vegas get-together thread, and also sticky the most-recent B5-related project since that's kind of your board's main theme.

I admit, I like this more middle-of-the-road approach. So far no one has just decided that all the threads should be sticky.
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