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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Originally Posted by Looney View Post

Sorry, don't take this the wrong way but HAHAHAHA. That is me laughing with you not at you. I do the same thing when I am depressed. I start watching B5 and wanting to talk about B5 or trying to plan to go to a convention where I might meet some B5 folks. It is tough because I want to post stuff about episodes and the shows all the time, but when I do I rarely seem to get a reply. I also get discouraged because I realize sometimes I am repeating sentiments I've stated before. You know what though, since 2013 I've tried to keep B5 in my life as much as possible and it really has made a difference. It is a little difference, but I have noticed it. What I mean by that is I am on of those people who WATCHES A LOT. I also collect A LOT. I've found focusing more of my attention on my love for B5 has really made me feel better. It can be discouraging at times, but it can also be WONDERFUL - see me in Galveston 2014 or at Space City Comic Con with Jan in Houston last year. Okay I am going to start rambling more than I already am so I am going to move on to the next episodes and save you the trouble of reading more on this topic. LOL I will just say this, times are tough as hell and I GREATLY appreciate being able to come here and talk to people who love something I love too.
I hear you! I can start to feel myself running low on the stories I need, sometimes, and have to consciously remind myself of them. Last night was a little rough and I had to bring G'Kar back to mind, and the others, to get myself through it. Where would I be without G'Kar? (And Buffy, and Tiffany Aching, and Cazaril, to wander a little farther afield, fictionally...)

And where would I be without this site? I had some lonely years in college, a time when one is theoretically not supposed to be lonely, and this site definitely filled a hole. Markas in particular helped keep me sane.
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