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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

As far as I can tell, the Assassins' Guild is Narn exclusive. I don't remember it ever being mentioned other than this particular instance. But it's well known enough that Na'Toth can discuss their procedures (the black flower) and can put on enough of a ruse (knowing they always send a backup in case the primary doesn't finish the job) to get into place to help G'Kar. One would think assassins would be more secretive with their ways.

Maybe if the show had been explicit and Talia specified she was an adult when Ironheart was her instructor then it wouldn't seem quite as creepy. But Talia has already informed us (through her conversation with Ivanova in "Midnight On The Firing Line") that she was raised by the PsiCorps. If she had said something like, he had been my instructor but then years later the relationship developed, then it wouldn't have been so creepy either. But without any kind of details like that, it's a bit weird. She was raised by the Corps and there had an instructor with whom she had had sex. I could really use some clarification on the timing of all that.

I wonder if Ironheart was fully in control of things when he vaporized the PsiCop. Like with that PsiCop, the guy playing Ironheart was okay, but not the greatest actor. So sometimes I'm not completely sure how I should read the character. The actor didn't seem to portray any facial expression of shock or anything over her disintegration, but narratively his powers were overwhelming him enough that he was causing the station to quake, so he could have been just trying to wack her with some kind of telekinetic push but overdid it.

I like the performance of Lyta more, I think, especially her blackeyed "What do you know of hell" or however the comment was, and the scene where she's discussing essentially being a telepathic superweapon with Garibaldi. I think I like the potentiality in Talia's narrative more. With episodes like the one she had in the second season helping the runaway telepaths, Talia pushing back against the PsiCorps would have been more personal that it feels for me when Lyta does it. Part of that, I guess, is that I really don't buy Lyta and Byron (because it wasn't ever supposed to have been Lyta in love with Byron in the first place, and I think that still echoes even if they did write the two of them together).
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