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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
The Parliament of Dreams
I understand why that is how the show would have to deal with a story involving someoneís ex, but itís a trope that gets used too much on Babylon 5
I don't think it gets used too much. I think it gets used poorly a couple of times, but on the whole I think people coming out of character's pasts really adds to the show. Unfortunately having too many of them be ex-loves might have been a misstep - See War Prayer for an example of an ex-relationship I didn't quite buy.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
To be honest, I donít 100% fully buy the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn; I donít not buy it, but it feels a bit more staged, and less organic. But pretty much from the first moment, I totally buy the relationship between Sakai and Sinclair. Some might think their banter is too clever, but I think it shows a significant psychological connection between the two. They have shorthand in their dialogue that feels so natural to me.
I definitely agree with this. I have always felt that the Sheridan Delenn relationship was poorly executed. I don't think it is terrible, but I think it falls into the category of plot aspects that needed more time to evolve so they didn't feel rushed. Chalk it up to another weakness caused by telling a story in a TV show. You have a formatted structure you have to squeeze everything into and some things can't be given the proper exposition to make them seem real. Sinclair and Sakai it was pretty instant, but they had the benefit of previously being involved in a time the viewers never saw. They fell into a pre-established relationship.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
They have an organization of assassins.
This raises a question that I think I know the answer to, but can't remember. Is the Assassin's Guild just an aspect of Narn society? Obviously Raiders and The Thieves' Guild are not specific to one race or government.
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