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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
Ah. If it's not in the script then it probably doesn't mean anything. I feel sort of disappointed ... As in, I felt like it was some great mystery that would eventually be solved, but now there is no mystery
The one caveat is that it's always possible that it was something JMS asked to be added in after the script was written. It could also have been a plot point that was forgotten after Michael O'Hare left and the story headed in a different direction. There was mention of the Windswords having sheltered Jha'Dur, and they were meant to play a big role in the original story, I think. Maybe they had a cloaked ship nearby? But then surely we'd have seen the explosion. Nah, I reckon they just missed. Actually, I kinda like the fact that they miss - there's a neat juxtaposition there, that the Vorlons present themselves as hugely advanced and god-like, and take it upon themselves to play god and kill Jha'Dur, and yet at the same time they show themselves to be imperfect by missing. Hints at a chink in their armour.
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