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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Turbulence from ground does exist... but turbulences eventually cancel each other out. Given time to stablize, I think the whole air mass would start spinning fairly cohesively.

Core shuttles are streamlined little things, going back and forth in the presumably calmest part of the station... and now that I think of it... I actually suspect the core shuttle rails/tubes/infrastructure... belong to the spinning part of the station (ease of boarding).

Ground shuttles, and shuttles going back and forth along middle levels... might cause a bit of turbulence too, but again... they are streamlined little things.

Jet packs are likely a very small influence, since I cannot imagine any notable number of people constantly using them (and their users would likely try sticking to the upper reaches of the air mass, to conserve flight energy).

Only the station ventilation and air filtration system... seems a fairly big unknown (since nobody knows its throughput, and how it's supposed to be layed out). Its approximate thoroughput could be calculated, though... assuming most inhabitants *do* breathe "ordinary" air, and tecgnological processes don't consume more than living creatures.

That calculation, though... is hardball ecology, and I can't even start to approximate a result in such a short time.
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