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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

I deem the depiction fairly acceptable -- even if I too suspect the 'ballistically correct way of Sheridan "falling"'... would have required him to experience a bit more wind.

After all... once he's drifted away from the core region (assuming air matches the station's angular velocity, the linear velocity of air at core would be negligible)... he would experience increasingly fast air, trying to take him spinward (along with the stations's rotation)...

...but instead taking him spinward and outward (mass doesn't want to spin, but prefers going straight along its current velocity vector).

To some degree, air would succeed in taking him along spinward... due to which he would never experience wind speeds approaching the linear velocity of the station exterior... but he might experience wind speeds extending to half of that.

Finally, something with Sheridan's density could be predicted to thump down at an oblique angle (relative to ground) of say, 45 degrees...

...while a feather, having totally matched air speed, would float down vertically, and a strontium ball (having ignored air speed due to its density) would appear to make circles around the station core, continue making circles while drifting outward, and eventually hit a ground obstacle horizontally.
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