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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB SYNOPSIS: Allison accepts Carter's offer to include Kevin in a camping trip for some guy time, and Henry decides to level with Grace while a very peculiar -- and dangerous -- relationship threatens Eureka and the not-so-happy campers.

I liked this one for the most part. I think the stuff with Henry might have worked the best. The camping trip was a good idea.

I thought the Carter/Grant stuff was a bit forced, but everything about that relationship has seemed force for a purpose that will I'm sure conclude at the end of the season with the inevitable . The A.I. stuff was kind of meh.*​​​​​​​

I think they missed a real opportunity by not having Lupo on the camping trip. I think they could have really used her training as a counter weight to Fargo's pampered setup. All and all a decent episode. Glad the stuff with Henry finally happened.
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