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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

So after a long break I went back to EUREKA. Apologies to all my loyal readers, but October was a 31 days of Horror movies challenge and since I have struggled to catch up on a lot of other things I had been watching. Finally made it back to EUREKA.


SYNOPSIS: Eureka has an ice problem.

I liked very little of this episode because very little of it had to do with anything but the romantic entanglements of the characters.


So my interest in this show continues to decline as its seems to continue to want to use the romances of the characters as a main driving force. In episodes like this one they either felt they didn't have enough of a story to tell about the crisis or they felt they needed to build the crisis around the relationship stories they wanted to tell. Either way they are losing me.

One more episode to go in Season Three so I am hopeful this trend will not continue into Season Four. (I have my doubts.)

Returning to my above explanation of why I have been away from EUREKA for so long, I think this post is a good indicator of why. I took a break and the quality of the show has not given me the desire to return. Here is hoping it gets better.
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