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Re: Technomage Trilogy discussion thread

I loved these books. I think of myself as critical but I still rate these among my favorite books and I give them 10/10. I read them twice. My son and I are now watching B5, first time for him (age 13), and we are near the beginning of season 5 (just watched Strange Relations). He loves it. He's very into reading now and I've promised him these books but first we need to finish season 5, watch the B5 movies, and then Crusade.

Galen is one of my favorite characters in the B5 universe and he is the main reason I miss Crusade. I've never been into fantasy that much, I'm pretty much a hard sci-fi guy, but this techno mage thing really caught me and opened up some doors (I still don't like fantasy but I'm not as critical anymore. Embarrassingly, Jonn Ringo's stuff has been lots of fun to read).

I wish I could find the B5 books in some kind of eBook format because he likes to do all his reading on the iPad, but I can't so he may have to resort to dead trees. I'm glad I kept the books. I might read them again myself. It's been 10 years or so.
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