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Re: Technomage Trilogy discussion thread

One thing I wondered, is if Bunny was supposed to be Talia after her cover was blown. Her physical description in the book seemed to hint it could be. She was a P-12 though, and I don't remember what rating Talia was supposed to be (or if it was a lower rating than the "real" unprogrammed Talia, somehow) but I think it was lower than Bester's (who was also a P-12 I think). And the time she first appeared in the trilogy seemed to be a bit earlier than when Talia was uncovered in B5 (toward the end of season 2 IIRC?). I'd have to reread that part and check that again though. Plus, Bester had (sort of) said she was "dissected" by the Psi Corps--that may have been a lie to get a rise out of Garibaldi though. That was in "Ship of Tears", which was well before her last appearance in the trilogy when she was supposedly hooked to a Shadow vessel herself (which was right before the events of "Z'ha'Dum").

My guess is they were different people altogether, but the description made it sound like it could have been her.

Another thing about the trilogy, is that it suggested the Shadows didn't know about the significance of Anna Sheridan until being informed by Bunny (who supposedly got that info from scanning Galen after he'd "merged" with Anna briefly--of course if Bunny were Talia she'd have known before that). But Morden had met with John Sheridan before that ("The Shadow of Z'ha'dum"), and I'm pretty sure Sheridan angrily showed Morden a picture of her at some point in the confrontation, but I'd have to check again to see if her name was also mentioned. But even without that, Morden knew from that confrontation that Sheridan's wife was among those on the Icarus, and so you'd think the Shadows would have found where they'd put her and "repurposed" her sooner. The time between the Morden-Sheridan confrontation (I think mid-season 2) and Z-day was well over a year, something which bothered me a little, although it thankfully gave John the time to get over her more completely so he wouldn't be as vulnerable to her reappearance.

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