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Technomage Trilogy discussion thread

Sort of like an Episode poll thread, only about the books.

I've so far read the Centauri Trilogy, this trilogy, and "To Dream in the City of Sorrows", in that order, and I think that the Technomage Trilogy was the best written of all of these, and gave some good insights into a lot of key characters, introducing us particularly to Galen (that is, if you hadn't seen any "Crusade" at that point, as was the case for me), an often frustratingly troubled character who I nonetheless could relate to in many ways.

It fell within the time frame of the B5 series from about S1 through the explosive events of "Z'ha'dum" up to the final expulsion of the First Ones, but presented many of the key events and characters therein from a totally different perspective. We saw an awful lot more of what was going on out on the rim, in some details that could summon nightmares. We also got some new perspective on Kosh, what he was trying to accomplish, and how he differed from the other Vorlons, seeing more hope for the younger races than the others. Including the hope of a good order being created out of the chaos that was inherent to the Technomages.

And of course, it helps answer some of the improbabilities of the events that transpired with Sheridan's visit to Z'Ha'Dum.

Share your thoughts, and rate the books in the poll.

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