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Re: EpDis: Atonement

I've always liked this episode. Partially because of the aesthetics ... The Dreaming looks so .. dreamy. But, the story is great, too.

I hadn't really considered it, but I've got to agree with Estelyn on the Ivanova/Drazi story. It's kind of weird, and doesn't really seem to serve a purpose. Is it just there to give the episode some variation or is there some storyline purpose that either I'm not getting, or that ended up not going anywhere?

It's interesting to see the Minbari suppressing individual freedom to that degree, in order to preserve the purity of their race, which doesn't even exist to begin with. Aside from the whole Valen thing, I find it extremely hard to believe that no Minbari has ever had an alien "mate" before. They've been in space for many, many generations.

It's also interesting because it implies that alien interbreeding is possible in the B5 universe, without the help of genetic changes like what Sinclair/Valen and Delenn underwent. That is such a problematic concept. I believe that in the Star Trek universe this is possible because all the sentient races were "seeded". What is the explanation for B5?

Look at Lennier being nothing but loyal and adoring. I like loyal and adoring Lennier. I have paid close attention to all these episodes and there is no hint of anything else in his behavior. I love how we learn here that what Delenn said to Lennier when he first came to B5 "I can't have an aide who will not look up, you'll be forever running into things", is what Dukhat said to her when she became his aide.

There's some good reveals in here still, so far into the main story! We learn that it was Delenn who gave the order to attack the humans, and that she is a descendant of Sinclair/Valen. It all fits and makes sense. I like it.

What a terrible custom, exchanging young people between two parties recently in conflict. Sucks to be that young man or woman, eh? Again, screw your individual freedom, you'll sacrifice yourself for the greater good!

The Mars storyline is starting here .. an exciting new development!
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