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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

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LOL. Only Joe comes across that way.
Actually, I tend to agree with him. I had *no* idea what kind of 'evidence' you were looking for as to reasons why WB doesn't make licenses available. We know, from reputable reports, that they don't any longer. What difference does it make why?

They only make about 50% of the ticket gross and when you add in advertising costs (close to the same amount as the actual budget) they need to gross $400-$500 million to break even on GB.
Uh-huh. And the figure I quoted was for the US only for only three weeks. The books are hardly closed on it yet.
I just pointed out the holes in Joe's theory and he didn't like it apparently based on his response saying I was stuck in my own theory. The actual reason for WB stopping with licensing is interesting to speculate on.

As far Ghostbusters goes, they keep losing 40-50% on previous weeks sales numbers for that day which doesn't bode well for breaking even since they don't have China to bail them out like the Warcraft movie did. And we're talking about a MAJOR franchise in Ghostbusters which sells itself to a certain extent. Companies don't make movies to break even anyway.

Serenity is a better model to follow and it had a much more limited budget, wasn't nearly as long after the series ended and had Joss Whedon attached. Barring a major casting coup for a B5 film, it's just not a great gamble for investors at the price tag Joe is looking at.

Plus, the strength of the B5 story was its epic, serialized nature. George RR Martin turned down a film deal because of how much would have to be cut. Movies can't do what long running serialized dramas can in terms of epic payoffs. The B5 standalone films really didn't stand up very well, other than ITB which was strongly tied to the series arcs.
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