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Re: B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into produ

I'd love to see a new B5 movie but I'm not sure if i'd like to see a reboot. Of course i understand the reasons for it: Some of the main cast died and the rest is older now. But that's the fate of time. I'd really love to see the original cast involved (especially Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan and the actor who played Londo) but not in other roles. I can't imagine an other actor to play Delenn for example. Mira Furlan is Delenn. The characters of the series are attached to the faces we already know, so a change is something i really wouldn't like to see and i hope that they'll solve the problem in a good way for us all. The best would be imo to let the original cast play the roles they had in the series and group new characters around them.
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