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Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
If Prometheus does well, it could jump start studio interest in the genre. Remember they don't care about us or what we are interested in... all they care about is money... and if the public shows interest in a certain genre, they will start investing in it to cash in on its success.
There's theatrical Space Opera Movies about every year. Why should Prometheus be any more helpful to TV than Avatar or Star Trek '09? Surely, you don't imagine Prometheus outdoing Avatar?

Nah, I don't think Action Adventure Space Opera Theatrical movies, no matter how well they do, really have an affect on wether someone in the TV Business is willing to invest in Space Opera and take the chance of not getting the ratings to support it, unless that TV Show is directly based upon the Theatrical Movie (IE: Bryan Fuller has been talking about wanting to do a Star Trek Series after Star Trek 2013 Movie comes out. If he pursues that, that success or failure of the movie will impact the desire for someone to want to invest in an ST show.)

AMC is looking at, at least Space Opera Pilot, so, it's very possible the pendulum is beginning to swing back towards Space Opera being available on TV, providing these upcoming shows in the next year or so justify the investment.
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