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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Rangers didn't get low ratings becaused it looked rediculous. In fact, as the broadcast went on, it picked up more viewers each quarter-hour, if I remember correctly. The problem was the huge audience that of that football game that kept viewers away from Rangers. The west coast broadcast of Rangers had very nice ratings, but since the east coast broadcast's ratings were low, that's all that seemed to matter.

I'm not disputing that Rangers had some problems. As you mentioned, having the Rangers' council look too much like the Grey Council was confusing, even to long time fans. Having Minbar look so different than every single other time we had seen it wasn't good either. And while I can appreciate what was trying to be done to set up David, not to mention several of his crew, as not quite fitting in in the Rangers, it was done too clunkily. But I still found enough of the thing to be intriguing to make me want to see more. There were several characters I liked, the Narn engineer and the Minbari healer in particular.
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