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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
Understood, but, I still wonder, if Legend of the Rangers had gone to series, and a good series developed to rival B5, would we be able to have a better impression of the Pilot? I suspect we would.

There are definitely flaws in the Rangers Pilot, but, I personally do enjoy some things about it, and enjoy wondering what could have been and where the series might have gone.
Maybe, but I think that the Rangers pilot would have had a steeper path back toward redemption than even the original version of "The Gathering." I'd MUCH rather that Warner Brothers and The Sci-Fi Channel had found a way to restart Crusade, which was orders of magnitude better than the Rangers story that we got in the Rangers pilot. Crusade picked up from "A Call to Arms" and had a firm footing in and link to the Babylon 5 universe. The Rangers pilot, OTOH, had the Rangers leadership acting very strangely, and so it didn't feel right, compared to all we'd seen of the Rangers in "Babylon 5" and "Crusade." Sure, the Rangers had been on suicide missions before (e.g. Ericsson in S4E5 "The Long Night" planting Corianna 6 info. with the Shadows; the Ranger in S5E3 "The Paragon of Animals" who brought word back about the persecution of the Enfili, which Lyta got from him shortly before he died in Medlab, etc.), but those missions were always undertaken for a good reason, to save lives, not throw lives away.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
I can see a lot of potential in LotRangers; had it been able to build as a series, I think it would have been good. Most shows when they very first start are ....
I think you meant to put a "not" here.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
....without bumps in the road in terms of quality of the story and characters, but with more episodes to back up the initial few, those bumps don't seem so glaring the way they do when something's cut short like LotRangers was.
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