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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
EH...The Gathering would be no masterpiece if B5 hadn't gone to series
"The Gathering" is usually rated fairly low among the B5 movies, yet nobody has to twist my arm to get me to rewatch it, either the original cut or the special edition. However, to get me to rewatch the Rangers pilot all the way through, at normal playing speed (no FF-ing), and without leaving the room or wearing earplugs or "humming real loud" during Sarah's lines (to use Sheridan's words to G'Kar in "The Coming of Shadows"), I'd pretty much have to be at gunpoint/knifepoint/swordpoint, and then I'd have to watch something good immediately afterward, to wash those memories out of my head a bit*. The only other thing that comes close to that level of awfulness, IMHO, is "Over Here" from B5:TLT.

* Same thing I had to do after Tom Cruise's "War of the Worlds" that had the constantly screaming Dakota Fanning. Gah!!! I watched George Pal's version, and then promptly sold the Cruise/Fanning version.
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