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Re: B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into produ

Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
I liked the TNT movies, and I liked season 5. There are episodes I didn't care for at all, like Learning Curve. Do I wish they were never made? Nope. I simply skip over them when I watch the DVDs. Hardly a big deal.

JMS did say that everything would be tied up and answered by the end of year 5, and it wasn't. I don't mind, because one of the greatest things about the series and the universe is that it took place in a galaxy with its own history.
I go back and forth on this. I want more, but at the same time I kind of want less. I like the idea of a solid beginning, middle, and ending, which is part of what attracted me to the show. Not every series needs to spawn an endless franchise. On the other hand, I keep eating pizza, and I don't even like it all that much, so...

JMS actually didn't say he'd wrap everything up. He said he'd wrap everything up except for one plot thread, which he'd follow up if there was enough interest. We now know that the 'wrapping it up' meant Sinclair, DeLenn, and Baby David on the run, hunted by the whole galaxy after B5 blew up and the Shadows won the war. Dangling thread is "What do the Sinclairs do?"

Kind of a downer. Midway through, he decided to merge his initial B5 concept with his "Babylon Prime" spinoff concept, and that's the show we got, which, honestly, I think is better than the show he planned. I count us lucky.

That said: he's showing clear signs of plot erosion by the last season. Stories meander, arcs are unfocused, or exist to set up stories we'll never see. He was making movies and in preproduction on another series. It got away from him. Instead of wrapping everything up, or leaving just one (new) thread dangling, we got like a dozen.

- what became of Lennier?
- The Telepath Crisis?
- Bester and Garibaldi?
- The Drakh?
- Others.

I get that some of these were "Life goes on" things, and I'm cool with that, but a lot were just sloppy, or hail-mary passes he threw assuming he'd be in a position to catch 'em later on. And he wasn't. And that irritates me.

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