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Re: Cenuri and narms

It's definitely a good thing, IMHO, that JMS didn't make the alien races clearly analogous to any particular human culture or civilization, avoided obvious or direct historical analogs, and in general avoided making episodes synching with current political or social events and whatnot (for the most part I get that impression, although I didn't view the show at the time it aired in the 90s so I'm not sure if there may have been one or two eps like that, but various ST franchise shows were--sometimes annoyingly--riddled with these). There are strands of it that resonate or "rhyme" with our history, but other strands in the same depicted character or culture or event that make it in other ways very different from that same history we wish to try comparing to. In other words, we're forced to see it for what it is itself, and not always judge with the benefit of hindsight from our own history.

And history itself never completely "repeats", but it can rhyme--and we need to be on our toes to notice the significant differences in the new, as well as the similarities, in order to deal with the new situations favorably.

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