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Re: B5 Reboot?? Is it true??!!?!

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post

At which point MacFarlane's true intention becomes obvious, pitch a parody TNG show to the executives, use the money to just make more TNG. And I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact I look forward to the return of The Orville far more than Discovery or Picard.
Absolutely true my friend.

Originally Posted by Kraig View Post
I will miss the voice of Norm MacDonald as the voice of Yaphit, if the show returns.
DEFINITELY! I was sooooo glad he found a semi-normal regular spot on TV again. Terrible news when he passed. I honestly felt the Yaphit character was one of the more brilliant choices of MacFarlane. Funny guy hired to play a comedic seeming character that ended up getting actual depth.

Just think, if the Orville gets a fourth season we'll be able to discuss it and a new BABYLON 5. Just amazing.
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