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I always liked O'Hare's performance except for his scenes with Blaire Baron (in The Gathering), with whom he had zero chemistry. That scene, discussing The Battle of the Line was filled with bad acting, by both of them. It was just a bad scene. They should've done it a few more times and had good direction.
I haven't watched The Gathering in a while so I can't remember how the acting played out in that scene, but I do remember reading an interview with Julia Nickson in TV Zone magazine where she said her and Michael O'Hare spent a lot of time outside of the set working on their scenes so that they could get the chemistry right. It was a shame we didn't see more of Sakai as she brought out a different side of Sinclair and helped make him a more rounded character.

Raw Shark mentioned By Any Means Necessary as a standout Sinclair episode and I agree, it was a real tour de force for Michael O'Hare. And even in Believers, which is a Franklin-centric episode, I thought he was outstanding.

Best Sinclair scene? Kicking Neroon's arse in Legacies has got to be up there. Even Marcus couldn't do that!

In some ways Sinclair and G'Kar were similar, kind of 'warrior-monks' if that makes sense.
I was thinking of the scene in The Gathering where Sinclair throws his Battle of the Line medal (in its case) against the wall of his quarters and she picks it up. THAT SCENE. Very clunky.

I definitely liked Sinclair and Sakai better. That looked far more real.

Yes, Sinclair and post-dust/Kosh G'kar were similar.
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