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Re: EpDis: The Illusion Of Truth

I have one word for this episode: contrived.

The set-up has our characters doing and saying stupid things so that they could be twisted in the news report. Letting the reporter onto the station was the first stupid thing. What possessed Lennier to take the news crew to Down Below? The stuff Delenn and Sheridan were coming out with: "doesn't recognise boundaries or politics", "nothing in the Universe will be able to stop us". Franklin doesn't have to divulge anything about patients in cryo patient confidentiality and all that, so he doesn't need to lie. And, as Lennier's Tears has pointed out before, the links proof remarkably insecure. The NSA would love them!

A few bits I don't understand. How did the news crew get access to the station records to see if the people in cryo are registered as being on the station? And how on Earth does Garibaldi go about finding a Drazi statue stolen in a raid many light years away by apparently never leaving his seat in the Zocolo?

There are a few bits I like. Zack smiling at the camera. Lennier headbutting the camera Lennier seems to have a mischievous sense of humour sometimes, which you wouldn't automatically expect from him. I liked seeing old Londo again. I liked the ending, with everyone storming out of Sheridan's office in silence, then Sheridan coming back to turn the TV off. I like the CGI shots of the ships being repaired it's nice to have some new shots of outside of the station. I don't like the CGI of Earth in the ISN broadcast why not just use a real picture rather than terrible CGI? And if ISN and indeed EarthGov is based in Geneva (funny how nobody seems to have European accents) why does the CGI image of Earth show North America?

I also wonder about the reporter. Was his intention to try and get some of the truth in there, as he said, but was forced to do the report a certain way? Probably not. But he also is able to relay information to Sheridan during the report. At the beginning of the episode Sheridan is concerned about having heard nothing from his dad, and the reporter is able to convey to Sheridan what has happened the farm has been burned down, but his dad has escaped. I wonder if Sheridan asked the reporter for info on his dad, and the reporter may have not been able to do anything about the way the report was edited, but could have been sympathetic and snuck in that information for Sheridan?

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
What's the deal with calling Stockholm syndrome Helsinki syndrome? This appears to be a "thing" elsewhere on the internet also. Is this a joke I am missing?
It might be to imply that the guy is a stooge, and either not a real psychiatric doctor, or at best a very bad one who doesn't know his stuff I presume the highly qualified doctors wanted nothing to do with it.
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