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Re: EpDis: Shadow Dancing

Interesting that there is little feeling of victory over the successful ending of the battle in this episode. I guess the losses are too great for any kind of elation. I did like the visual impression the space battle made. The drama of the buildup is excellently done.

I found myself squirming when Franklin was injured - it's easier to handle violence when it's far away and abstract, as in the battle, than when it hits someone close personally. I'm not sure if I agree with his verdict that his walkabout was running away; after all, he did face his problem and handle it as well as he could.

I did enjoy that moment of humour when Ivanova had problems with the Minbari bed and found her own solution. It was a bit of relief in an otherwise very tense episode.

The closing is a real surprise, even though it had previously been seen. After all, you never know just when such a prophecy is fulfilled and don't expect it when it comes.
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