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Re: EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

Originally Posted by Garovorkin View Post
Interesting that Delene was under orders to Kill Sinclair if he ever regained his memories, boy that would have been a mistake now wouldn't it. Whats interesting is the fact that the Mimbari in effect tortured the man who was Valen reborn.A rather interesting bit of irony there I'd also interesting that Delene just happened to pick the right ship to tractor in.
Yes, if Delenn had killed Valen this would change the future in a very dark way.Without him and B4 the Shadows would destroy B5 just like it was mentioned in Ivanova's distress signal from the future.After that they would win the war easily.Also there wouldn't be any Rangers, Castes, Grey Council or any of the known organizations in Minbari society.
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