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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

Having seen all five seasons of B5 recently, and now rewatching them again, it's interesting to see Sheridan being introduced in this episode. He looks so young and carefree! (Mind you, I like him better toward the end of the series.) He comes across as annoyingly smiling, optimistic, and with that ridiculous obsession with oranges, but also astute in his assessment of the tactical situation with the Minbari ship. I get the feeling that we viewers are seeing him with Ivanova's eyes, and she knew him previously, and we trust her judgement, since we know her, so we tend to trust him more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

It's a bit surprising to have Lennier clear up the mystery about the reason for the Minbari ending the war so early in the season, right in the first episode! However, the chrysalis is kept a mystery, so it's not all solved at once.

I loved seeing Ivanova handling things with her usual energy and sarcasm, yet still being relieved that she didn't have to keep leading the station on her own.

The Minbari are shown to be flawed, which is a good thing, and the rift between religious and warrior castes is again mentioned. I agree with those who wondered about their judgmental attitude toward Sheridan for achieving the only victory in the war - why attack someone for doing what they had been doing the whole time?!

I miss Sinclair, but enjoyed reading about his further development in the book "To Dream in the City of Sorrows". I thought JMS did a good job of finding a plausible reason for the change and of giving him a great role in the future - and in the past, of course!
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