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Re: Avengers: Infinity War

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
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....the latest standalone Star Wars movie is the first of the series I don't actually plan to see, at least not in theaters. I don't see a lot of movies!
I was kind of on this trip where the more I was hearing about this movie the less I wanted to see it. And as I've said, I hear VERY little about these movies because I avoid as much as I can because I don't want to be spoiled. I finally heard the first thing that makes me want to see it the other day. It is that someone is in it that I really want to see, but I don't know what their role is. I'm not going to give it away because I don't want to spoil it for others.

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I know I need to see "Arrival" before someone spoils it for me. But then, I've made it this far (mostly) dodging "Inception" spoilers, so maybe I'll be okay.
The Arrival and Inception are two movies I somewhat enjoyed, but can't say I loved. They are both definitely worth seeing once. Unless you are talking about The Arrival (1996) with Charlie Sheen. If so I've got all kinds of spoilers for you.
The Charlie Sheen's "The Arrival' is pre-spoiled, for your convenience.

I'm like hypatia, I wait until the movie makes it to premium cable. I've got a home theater system with HBO, Showtime, Epix, and Encore. It will eventually show up on one of those networks. The seating is more comfortable, I can set the sound system to my tastes, and I can pause for breaks. I also have ice cold beer and fresh popcorn.
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